Tonight's forecast calls for freezing temperatures and possible "wintry mix" rolling into our area, and while most of us are sleeping nice and comfy in our warm beds with our heaters or electric blankets, first responders and city workers will be out there working to keep folks safe and roads passable.

In Temple, patrol officers with Temple PD will be checking overpasses and bridges for ice and helping homeless and distressed people get to warm locations on top of their usual duties, including responding to emergency calls.

The Temple Fire Department will have extra response squads standing by in case of an increase in roadway emergencies.

The City of Temple's Public Works Department will also be inspecting bridges and overpasses throughout the night, and will have sand spreaders ready for operation if they're needed. The Parks and Recreation Department will be doing their part too, including sanding entrances at public facilities like City Hall, the Municipal Court, the Summit Rec Center, and the Sammons Community Center to help keep visitors safe.

We want to thank all the police, firefighters, and city workers across Central Texas who'll be enduring the cold tonight, doing their best to keep everyone safe and helping those in need.

You guys rock!

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