The parents of Ahmed Mohamed, the teenager who was arrested and suspended for bringing what looked like an Improvised Explosive Device to school last year, have filed a federal lawsuit against what seems to be anyone who didn't believe the boy was only showing off a clock.

Among the defendants: Irving school district, Irving MacArthur High School, the city of Irving, high school Principal Daniel Cummings and the Irving Police. The plaintiff, acting as amicus for the boy is his father, whose name is - not making this up - Mohamed Mohamed.

Among the reasons for the suit is alleged bullying. Seems Ahmed was called "sausage boy" because he didn't eat pork (not the worst name if you're trying to get with the ladies. Clock boy sounds like someone who doesn't take his time, but I digress). The other charges deal with the incident itself. Read more about it here.

As for the teasing of the boy by his peers, all I can say is that I was a fat kid and children are sociopaths. It happens.

I personally remain skeptical after a year. I'm not alone.