The latest Powerball Jackpot winner took home $487 million on July 30 with the winning ticket being sold in New Hampshire. So that means the number has been reset and the next drawing (on Wednesday) will be for a jackpot amount of roughly $67 million. Now, that's not half a billion bucks, but I think we, as Texans, can do a little damage with $67 million, don't you think?

Here's how Texans spend their lottery winnings:

Hitchin' a ride

Even with a $100,00 car you still need to make sure you got a hitch for your towing capabilities.

All of your football merchandise

Whether it's the Texans, Cowboys, Longhorns, Aggies... we'll buy out your merch aisle.

How about just beer...

Yeah. That trailer should account for my first weekend as a millionaire. Maybe.

Ya gotta eat, right?

Some people say quantity over quality. We say why not both.

The Dream Wedding

Texas has so many magical places for your dream wedding. The hardest part would be to pick one. But if you're a Powerball winner, you could arguably have multiple destinations!

Everyone knows you're a winner cuz of your hair

Hey Sugar! You know the truth when you hear it. #bigtexashair #redneckrich #livingthedream A photo posted by Nicki Gilley Living The Dream (@nicki_gilley_living_the_dream) on

You don't like it? I bet you're not from Texas...

You'll need a home to put your stuff in

There is actually a mansion in Texas with 46 bedrooms. No lie.

Instead of caviar, I'll just take your biggest burrito and double it, please.

💣💯 #biggestburrito i ever had! A photo posted by Victor Diaz (@againsallodds1600) on

The thing about a Texan winning the lottery is that their tastes will remain the same, except they can share more of it.

A monster boat for monster parties on the lake

4 days of vacation on this carnival cruise to Ensenada. So fun!!! #biggestpartyboatever

A photo posted by Anthony (@anthony_snakesurfer) on

Now, if we could only get this onto Lake Belton...

Need a new truck

Yeah, yeah. We know. Everything's bigger in Texas.