We're still feeling that late summer heat, but relief could be on the way as a cold front moves in next week. By about Wednesday next week there is a chance our daytime highs will only reach the upper 70's.

That's right. Perfect pumpkin spice weather!

Temple will remain in the upper 70's during the day and lower 60's overnight bringing a break to the daytime high's in the 90's for about a week. There's a good chance next week will be a rainy one as well. We have about a 50%-60% chance each day for showers and possible thunderstorms.

The 2018-2019 Farmers Almanac calls for this year's winter to feature stinging cold but average precipitation. I can remember a couple of days when the frost built up pretty good on the windshield early in the morning last winter. Good thing my Whataburger gift card also doubles as an ice scraper!

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