Back on January 13th, more than 75 doctors and nurses in Houston performed a miracle.

After seven and a half hours, the parents of the now separated conjoined twins got to see their daughters, in separate beds, for the first time.

The twins had separate spines, brains, arms and legs, but they shared a liver and a heart. Well, sort of. They had two hearts, but they were connected by a vein. They also shared a chest wall, lining of the heart, and diaphragm.

Because the girls were also conjoined at the face and hadn't spent a day on Earth not looking directly at each other, doctors took photos of each girl's face and laid them next to the children so they'd still see their sibling and find comfort.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the surgery was only the 2nd such operation in Houston in more than 20 years. The also reported that if the doctors saw that the twins had shared a common wall, that they would've stopped the separation.


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