Here is another one of those 'Good Cop' stories we like to hear about.

It's obvious the reputation of the police has taken a few hits of late. Social media is quick to highlight the "bad apples", as right they should.

However, if we demonize all police for the actions of a few, there are  going to be less and less civil-minded people who will volunteer to serve as police. The idea of no police force should frighten you. Human nature is to test the limits to see what we can get away with. Don't believe me? Watch a three-year-old child for awhile. You can see that gleam in their eye right before they try and pull some crap. That's human nature coming out.

That being said. It's nice seeing some police trying to give kids a good police memory. This officer pulled up on some kids playing baseball and decided to use his megaphone for some fun. Because what's better than hitting a home run? Having someone call it live.

As a bonus, people recorded it. Because it's good to record the police doing anything.

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