Manfred Zimmer of Copperas Cove got to make history recently as one of three contestants on The Price Is Right who all spun the famous wheel and landed on $1.00.

As fans of the game show know, getting a dollar on the wheel means the contestant wins $1,000 bucks! It's a pretty awesome stroke of luck when you consider the odds of even getting picked to appear on "Contestants row". The video above shows the unlikely feat of not just one person landing on a dollar, but three people in a row with spins adding up to $1 dollar.

Manfred and his wife have been fans of The Price Is Right for over 20 years. Manfred's wife Rose took him to Los Angeles as an anniversary present, and luckily he was chosen to appear on the show. The story has an amazing ending as Manfred makes his way to the showcase showdown, and in the end hears the words, "Manfred you've won the showcase!"

The Zimmers say the hardest part was keeping the whole experience a secret until they could get back home and watch the episode air on TV with their family. Up next, Manfred and Rose are headed back to L.A. for a shot at the game show Let's Make A Deal! Best of luck!

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