If you live in or near Copperas Cove, this is your chance to voice your opinion on the city's parks. Parks & Rec wants to meet with residents today (Wednesday) at 5:30 pm, at the Civic Center on Avenue B. The city's news release stated:

The goal of the meeting will be to educate the public on the Hills of Cove Golf Course, Parks and Recreation happenings, standards and upcoming changes and events.

Concessions, programs, tournaments, fee's, the Copperas Cove golf course, and the city's parks will all be included in Wednesdays discussion.

Parks and Recreation director Joe Brown says, “With all that is happening in parks and recreation, we feel it is imperative to reach out to our community and share this progress from our perspective and the direction we are headed".

The Parks and Recreation Department wants to know what Cove residents want in their parks. If you're interested in new features or programs, now is your chance to voice your preferences to those in position to make the changes your looking for.

Residents will be shown a presentation, followed by a question and answer session.