Bluesnarfing has made its way to Central Texas, and thieves can now use skimmers hidden in gas pumps to steal your debit and credit card information remotely via cell phones or other mobile devices.

KWTX reports that such a device was recently found inside a pump at a McGregor convenience store. The device reads card and pin information, then sends it to a mobile device via Bluetooth. As we reported back in April, this technique is known as bluesnarfing, and it's becoming increasingly popular among thieves.

Unlike card skimmers that can easily be spotted and pulled out by hand from the outside of the pump, these devices are not visible from outside pumps. However, there are signs of tampering you can watch for.

Police suggest looking for security tags, stickers, and locks near seams and cracks in the body of the pump. If any of these seals appear broken or tempered with, do not use your card, and please alert either store staff or police so others aren't victimized.

Because bluesnarfing is carried out via Bluetooth, thieves need to be nearby to collect information. If you spot anyone acting suspiciously, do no approach them. Go inside to tell a clerk or call police once you've left and it is safe to do so.

Also keep in mind that some thieve still use external card skimmers, so you should both visually and physically inspect the card reading device on a pump before using your card.

If you're ever in doubt, pay with cash or use your card inside for a prepaid amount.

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