KTEM Newsradio 1400, the time is almost among us to unveil our new show we are adding to the lineup.

There has been much advertising completed, and many calls to the station asking about when was this show was going to begin being broadcast on the air. Well the wait is finally over, and the time is here!

The man of financial freedom, Dave Ramsey, is ready to make a splash with KTEM Newsradio 1400 on July 2nd. The show will be on the air Monday-Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m..

The Dave Ramsey Show is filled with tons of financial freedom tips for anyone drowning in debt, or also anyone looking to get that credit score to a 700 plus.

Whatever may be the case, The Dave Ramsey show offers excellent insight into the financial struggles that present day America has to deal with. So whether you are getting information to use Dave Ramsey's seven baby steps to freedom, or calling into share your debt free screams with the world.

The Dave Ramsey show is a very beneficial show for anyone with worries in the financial world; and Dave Ramsey is excited to be on the airwaves here in Central Texas to help you reach financial freedom in your life.

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