The Associated Press reports that authorities in San Antonio made an alarming discovery when conducting a drug search at a home on Tuesday afternoon.

San Antonio authorities had a drug warrant to execute, and they ended up finding a lot more than just drug paraphernalia at the residence.

Javier Salazar, a Bexar County Sheriff said, the remains of a baby were found in a trunk in a closet of the home. Salazar also added, "The body is beyond decomposed and is in a desiccated state."

It's too early in the investigation to tell if the remains of the baby found were the result of a homicide.

An autopsy was ordered, and it will hopefully help in the process of finding how the baby died, as well as the identity of the child.

Salazar said he believes the child wasn't even a year old that they discovered at the scene. The Bexar County Sheriff's Department also found a dozen people in the residence.

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