This is a prime example on why you have to watch who you have around your children.

What Happened?

According to a report from ABC Houston, 3 boys, ages 15, 10, and 7, (two of whom suffer from Autism) were abandoned and trapped inside a Texas apartment along with their dead 8-year-old brother for an entire year.

Around November 2020, their mother's boyfriend, Brian Coulter, reportedly beat their eight-year-old brother, Kendrick Lee, to death. The children were left in inhumane conditions without furniture, lights, a bed, or anything to cover up with, and had to ask neighbors for food.

Harris county Deputy Cory Castro declined further comment on the case in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Parent And Boyfriend Should Be Locked Up For Life

According to investigators, the boys said their mother, Gloria Williams, moved out to live with her boyfriend and flatout abandoned them.

The couple reportedly lived 25 minutes away, and would make trips every few weeks to drop off for the children before leaving. One of the boys is said to have required surgery for his jaw after injuries sustained during a beating by Coulter.

Several Red Flags Were Thrown, But Nobody Followed Through

Sadly, the family had been in the system of the Department Of Family and Protective Services since 2015.

An Alief ISD spokesperson told ABC Houston the district filed truancy papers after the children stop going to school, but after a visit to the home in 2020, there wasn’t a follow-up.

What happened to the Mother and Boyfriend?

After the boys were found by investigators, the mother and boyfriend were arrested outside of a library where authorities say they were researching news stories about themselves.

Brian Coulter was charged with capital murder, while, Gloria  Williams has been charged with injury to a child, injury to a child by omission, and tampering with evidence.

In my opinion, those children did not ask to come into the world to be treated like animals. If the mother didn't want the kids, she could have given them up for adoption.

I hope they are both prosecuted to the fullest extent.



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