If you know a Dora Taylor from Temple, please let her know someone found a letter she wrote when she was 12 and cast into Belton Lake.

Priscilla Caldwell recently shared images of the find on Facebook, along with a transcription of the letter's contents. She said her aunt, also named Prescilla, found the bottle while visiting Lake Belton, and her family is hoping someone out there can tell them who wrote it.

The letter reads:

Hello! How are you?

I’m Dora Taylor and I’m 12 years old. Every time I come to the lake I love to write letters and send them through the lake.

I live in Temple, Texas. I used to pretend I was a princess but I decided to be for real.

Well, I’m a black female. I have short hair. I like reading and I hate science. Well, my science teacher is a dodo.

Wherever this letter goes I would like to say: God bless you and let him be with you at all times. I hope you get to read the poem footprints.

I love sweets also. Maybe you can send letters through the water too. Maybe I’ll find one or two of your letters.

Thank you, Dora Taylor


On the back of the letter, Dora wrote, "Here’s a bluebonnet for good luck." The flower was also found safe and dry inside the bottle.

"Now how cool is that?!!," Priscilla wrote in her Facebook post. "No telling how old it is, the bottle looks super old. Anyone know a Dora Taylor from Temple, Texas??"

"Dora needs to know she IS a princess!! She is a Daughter of the King!!"

Unfortunately, the letter wasn't dated, so those of us without CSI equipment can't determine when the letter was written.

We reached out to Prescilla for comment. She said she didn't have any more information than what she posted on Facebook, but wanted to add, "I am student teaching this year and next year I will be teaching... her talking about her love of reading and her dodo teacher was extra special for me."

Let's get the word out and reunite Dora with this letter! Just imagine how great it would be to find something like this from your childhood. We want to help give her that joy.

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