Who knows why things come up in conversation when you're drinking with friends, but last night I let it slip that I don't leave the shower on the entire time I'm in there and now my best friend thinks I'm a freak.

Look - I'm frugal. That's a nice way of saying I'm a cheapskate. I try to save a little scratch any way I can, and one of those ways is not running the water in the shower the entire time I'm in there.

I run it while I wash my hair and face, but I turn it off when I start scrubbing everywhere else. It's not like I'm trying to rinse myself off at that point, right? So why let all the water go to waste? I also turn the lights off in a room I'm not in, even if it's just for a moment. Is that weird too?

There are times I let it run. If I've had a rough day and need to relax, I'll let the hot water do its thing for a few minutes. But if I'm just taking a quick shower before bed or after mowing the lawn, I don't see the need to let perfectly good water and money swirl down the drain.

I can't be alone here. Is there anyone else out there who turns the water off mid-shower to save money and resources? Vote in the poll below, then sound off in the comments.

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