Bell County Justice Of The Peace in Precinct 4, Place 1 Claudia Brown has only been in her position for over a year and she has garnered national headlines for a few of her decisions including setting a murder suspect's bail at $4 billion dollars. Brown will now have to fight for her job.

KCEN News 6's Emani Payne reports that a court petition to have Brown removed has a trial date set for October 1st. The first petition to have Brown removed came in March 2017 after her "Billion Dollar Bail" decision which Brown says was she done to highlight a need for bail reform. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct ruled in December 2017 that Brown could keep her job but required Brown to attend two hours of additional judicial education.

But in June 2017, another Brown decision, issuing a $2,000 bond to her son in a misdemeanor DUI case, set another petition to have her removed in motion from Bell County attorney Jim Nichols.

Brown says she does not plan to step down from her job and believes the plan to have her removed is racially and politically motivated.

Do you think Justice Of The Peace Brown should lose her job?

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