A 2 year old boy has died after he was attacked by a dog in Killeen.  It happened late Saturday afternoon in the 41 hundred block of Pennington Drive.


According to a KPD press release, Police were called out on a report of shots fired. On the way there, they learned that a dog had attacked several children.


At the scene, police found two children had been bitten, a 2 year old boy and an 8 year old girl.  Both were taken to Darnall Medical Center.  Police said the 2 year old had been bitten numerous times.  He later died of his injuries.  The little girl is in stable condition.


Witnesses told officers that an 18 year old man and the two kids, were walking home from the playground when a Bull Mastiff ran out of the garage at 4108 Pennington Drive and began attacking the little girl.  Witnesses were able to get the dog away from her,  but the animal then attacked the 2 year old.

The dog was dragging the child down the road when someone fired a gun.   The dog let go of the child and ran back to the residence where he came from.


Killeen Animal Control took custody of the dog and he will stay there while the investigation continues.

No names have been released as of Saturday night.


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