It's been a summer full of boil alerts and disruptions for customers of Dog Ridge Water Supply Corps. The latest round of trouble left residents without any drinking water service for over 3 days due to a large leak in the system. The leak was repaired over the weekend but residents are still being asked to boil the water they are currently getting until further notice.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will conduct the investigation into the problems at Dog Ridge Water Supply Corps. DRWS President Wayne Rutherford said someone had every right to complain to TCEQ. Rutherford says his company will fully cooperate with the investigation, and will do whatever needs doing to correct the problems.

Meanwhile the customers of DRWS are passing around a petition to allow the city of Belton to provide their water as well.

After a long list of problems, DRWS hired a new GM just 2 weeks ago. Mark Seffreed certainly has a big job ahead.