I prefer to rate a restaurant on its food, menu selection, and ambiance but apparently there is one major detail I haven't thought of yet: the restroom. Cintas has announced their 10 finalists for "America's Best Restroom" contest one spot in Austin, Texas earned a nod.

America's Best Restroom

While I do appreciate a well maintained restroom, I don't usually make it a point to visit every one I come across. Cintas has been running this contest for 21 years as a way to  "celebrates businesses that develop and maintain innovative restroom facilities." The 10 finalists have been announced.

Cintas Marketing Manager Julia Messinger said via press release,

"This year’s top 10 finalists include small and large businesses from diverse categories competing for the title of America’s Best Restroom. The public holds higher standards for the cleanliness and technology used in public restrooms which is why we’re proud to recognize these businesses that maintain clean and exceptional facilities,"

Wow! To be recognized for your restroom cleanliness is pretty special.

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Vote for Eberly

Yes, this Austin, Texas restaurant's bathroom made the Top 10 list, and of course we are hoping you'll help crown them the king. I mean, it is the metaphorical throne we're talking about here.

Eberly is located on South Lamar Street in Austin and offers a fine menu which, oddly enough, makes no mention of its restroom. I suppose patrons will have to find out on their own just how exquisite the lavatory is.

Here's what Cintas has to say about Eberly:

"The restaurant’s entire design is centered around its cedar tavern bar, brought in from New York City, and the restroom is also a nod to the bygone era when those bars were in vogue. Each stall has an illuminated old-school New York tavern vacancy light outside the door that turns off when you lock it. The restroom includes images from Grammy-winning music photographer Alan Messer. It is also awash in Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac Brilliant Paint in Dark Cobalt Blue."

Sounds like a fine place to sh-...sit for a spell, if you ask me.

Voting Ends Soon

Remember: we are Texas Proud, so anytime a Texas establishment is up for an honor, we should all band together and do everything possible to help. That's what Eberly needs right now - our vote.

Voting runs through August 31 and the winner gets a spot in the America's Best Restroom Hall of Fame, a Cintas UltraClean restroom cleaning service and $2,500 worth of facility services or restroom cleaning from Cintas.

Let's flush the competition!

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