After closing, re-opening, and closing again, the Regal Killeen movie theater is re-opening once more!

According to Regal Killeen, the theater at 2501 E. Central Texas Expwy in Killeen is re-opening today with their first show starting at 4 PM. Regal Killeen will require guests to wear facial coverings inside the facility.

The arrival of COVID-19 took the majority of us by surprise, as most of us have never experienced a pandemic in our lifetimes. Businesses deemed non essential were forced to close, and even when restrictions were eased, business did not immediately pick back up. Many small businesses were forced to shutter due to their loss of income during mandatory quarantines, and even big corporations felt the strain.

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The Regal Killeen theater originally closed their doors in March 2020 and re-opened Aug. 21, 2020 according to KDHD News. The theater was forced to close again just a month and a half later on October 8, 2020. Now, seven months later the theater is re-opening again.

In the past, consumers expressed concern with the movie theater business due to sky-high concession prices. A lot of people are yearning for a sense of normalcy, and going to see a movie might be the perfect "normal" thing to do. It's definitely something that many of us took for granted previously.

I mean, think about it - a REAL date? Not one just over video chat. Real movie theater popcorn? Real big screens? Not just your microwave popcorn and projector. We certainly made do throughout the pandemic, but some experiences just can't be replaced.

Will you be stopping in to see a movie any time soon?

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