Permian High School in Odessa now has one of the largest cheer squads in the state, but it's not exactly something to be proud of.

That, according to KOSA-TV, is because every student (36 girls, 2 boys) who tried out for cheer has been assigned to a squad after complaints from parents following the selection process that cut many hopefuls.

Principal James Ramage told KOSA parents complained about the process and demanded a reevaluation. Ramage called for an internal investigation (take a moment to remember we're still talking about cheer tryouts at a high school, here), which found that there were errors and missing scores.

Ector County ISD's solution was to assign everyone to a team. They'll also be overhaul their tryout and selection process, and may delay revealing final results by a day in order to review them.

Ramage told KOSA this solution wasn't ideal, but served to stop some of the nastiness surrounding the results.

There have been a few parents who had character assassinations on some of the students, questioning their character on whether they should be there or not,” Ramage told KOSA. “We asked them to stop because that serves no purpose.”


What are your thoughts on the school's solution to this debacle?

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