How Much is Printing Costing You?

Mismanaged print fleets can cost your company up to 3 percent of your total annual revenue. But, with Johnnie's PrintWise program, you'll gain control over your printing costs. With PrintWise, you will see immediate and long-term cost savings on your printing output. Our highly skilled team will assess your needs, project your savings, implement an optimized plan, and proactively service your entire printer fleet—maximizing efficiency and lowering your printing costs. PrintWise clients enjoy the benefits of working with Johnnie's for all their printing needs. Clients receive remote monitoring of printers, supplies and service on-demand, as well as tailored management reports regarding the company's printer fleet. Johnnie's Office Systems has helped many local businesses save up to 30 percent on printing costs. Isn't it time you started saving, too?

Listen to the audio tip to learn how to manage your important documents to improve the performance of your company.

Smart handling of all business documents provides a wide range of benefits. In this video you will learn how document management works and why every company should have it.

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