A brawl broke out at the West Texas Warbirds and Dallas Prime indoor football game on Saturday night and the fan shot video is crazy.

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In what can only be describes as a bad display of sportsmanship, a post game fight broke out that involved, players, coaches and fans. Fortunately nobody looks to be hurt in the melee.

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting!

A post game brawl between The West Texas Warbirds of the Arena Football Association and the Dallas Prime of The Texas United Football League last Saturday night in Odessa.

TMZ Sports reports that punches were thrown between the two teams with about eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

As you can see from the video above, the scene was crazy. A Dallas Prime player ended up in the stands fighting with a fan who was swinging a metal chair at the fight below. Several of his teammates joined in to help break it up.

From the looks of things, the Prime player got a pretty good shot in.

Players, Coaches & Fans

Things escalated quickly as coaches got involved followed by fans in the stands. Here is another angel of the fight.

Call the Cops

Authorities were able to break up the fight and get everybody back to their locker rooms. Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis told reporters after the game that "no one sought medical treatment or went to the hospital." No arrests were made but that could change pending the results of the investigation.

There were lots of kids at the game so this certainly was a poor display of sportsmanship and thankfully it doesn't look like any of them were involved with the fighting.

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