Those of us who like to use fireworks on the 4th of July may want to get out a little earlier this year and purchase our favorite explosives.

Due to a shipping problem in China, fireworks vendors are forecasting a shortage!

Sue Davis, who works at a Texas Fireworks Store, had this to say to KBTX:

“Due to a lot of shipping problems from China, where most fireworks are made, we will be experiencing a shortage of certain types of fireworks it’s difficult to predict exactly what, but right now the stores are fully stocked and we encourage everybody to shop early and make sure you get your favorites, you really want to come early.”

Given that fireworks were invented in China, it's not really a surprise that most are manufactured there. Still, Statistica reported last year that as much as 94% of the fireworks made come from China. 94%!

According to most Fire Prevention and Protection Codes, it's still illegal to sell or explode fireworks within the city limits and within as much as 5,000 feet outside the city limits.

Offenders caught using fireworks in the City of Killeen may face a Class C Misdemeanor and be fined up to $2000, but I think that has stopped 0 people from doing it anyway. Similar laws prohibit launching fireworks in Temple, Harker Heights, and Copperas Cove, but you'll still be hearing pops and bangs all night from your neighbor's yard.

I'll be broadcasting live July 2nd at Fireworks Warehouse in Nolanville, 2278 Levy Crossing Road off the Paddy Hamilton Road exit. Hopefully there will be some left!

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