There's just something about Florida...
A woman is lucky to be alive after a turtle - yes, a turtle - crashed through her windshield and left a deep cut in her face.
The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the 71-year-old woman was riding in a car driven by her daughter in Port Orange Wednesday when something smashed through their windshield and hit her in the head, leaving cuts half an inch to an inch deep just above her eyes.
The woman's daughter called 9-1-1 while tending to her mother's wounds, and told the operator she thought the object may have been a piece of concrete. At the 3:57 minute mark in the call, the daughter can be heard asking a man at the scene if he can see anything in her front seat. When he tells her it's a turtle, the daughter is in absolute disbelief.
Wouldn't you be?
Thankfully, the injured woman didn't lose consciousness and was able to be transported to a hospital.
The turtle survived the ordeal too and was released into the woods by firefighters. The News-Journal reports that it's possible the turtle was hit by another car and flung into the air.
Believe it or not, this isn't the first time the paper's reported on a flying turtle smashing through someone's windshield.
Back in 2016, a woman got a nasty cut to her forehead when she was driving down I-4 in Deltona, Florida and the same thing happened - a car hit a "big ass turtle", which was sent hurling into the air and straight into an oncoming car's windshield.
Everyone, including the turtle, survived that ordeal too.

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