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As you may know, I'm a Crusader football alum, and I want to share a little fun fact with you about the Crus's Saturday, November 3 game.

The Cru faced Louisiana College in their Senior Day game at Crusader Stadium. There was a familiar face on the Louisiana College coaching staff, making his first trip back to Belton since making the transition from player to coach.

Bryan Jones was a hard working offensive lineman who played for the Cru from 2009-2012. Anyone who knows Jones knows he's a funny, energetic guy that puts his all into everything he does.

With it being his first time back in the area to coach against our alma mater, I was blessed to get some time to interview him on coming back to his ol' stomping grounds.

So let's hop right into it!

Bryan Jones, UMHB
Bryan Jones, UMHB

Me: How does if feel being back in your college neck of the woods?

Jones: It's always great coming back to Belton. Just driving brought back such great memories. UMHB will always be a special place to me and my fiancé Ashlee, who's also a UMHB grad and women's basketball alum. Unfortunately for me, she will be wearing purple today instead of orange....

Me: How has the transition from coach to a player been to you?

Jones: It has been very good! Certainly not easy! I believe a lot of the culture and foundations of UMHB football, definitely prepared me and gave me a competitive edge. God most definitely put me through some maturing seasons early on! Looking back on it, it was for my good!

Me: What's your role at Louisiana College

Jones: I coach the running backs, fullbacks, and tight ends at Louisiana College. I was in desperate need of a coaching job following my tenure at Southeastern Louisiana University in 2017. I was very excited when Coach Charles and his staff offered me the job! I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an intelligent and hard-working staff.

Me: Accomplishments at UMHB?

Jones: I was very blessed in winning 4 ASC Championships, 4 NCAA playoff appearances, and also being a 2012 national semifinalist.

Me: Favorite Memory of playing at UMHB?

Jones: You would think any of those accolades listed above would be the biggest memories. Any Cru Football Alumni will tell you the things they miss the most, are the memories made with your teammates. I will always be grateful for the brotherhood formed there with the teammates I'm still close with today. Such as Oliver "DaRealest" Stone, the many lessons taught by Coach Fredenburg and his staff.

Me: What's your ultimate goal?

Jones: Since I've started coaching it has been getting  an FBS graduate assistant job. My coaching journey has taking me to East Texas, Iowa, and presently in Louisiana. I have had to deal with numerous experiences; some good and some not so good. In that time, God has revealed to me that it's not just about what I want, but it's about what he wants to do through me. Every school has had a purpose in my story. So I'm not sure where God's going to take me next, but I know it'll be for His Name and Glory.


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