Twice he sought the nomination from the Republican Party to be their candidate for President of the United States. Twice he was rebuffed, both times for rich businessmen of independent means.

Tonight, former Texas Governor Rick Perry returned to the Republican convention in a somewhat understated role.  Instead of giving some high visibility keynote address, he was brought on to introduce another speaker. Here's the video in it's entirety.

You have to wonder what's next for Rick Perry. Succeeding George W. Bush into the governor's mansion and living there for a decade, until Greg Abbott beat Wendy Davis, the thought of another politician taking the reins of state government in Texas seemed unthinkable for so many for so long. It's equally hard to think of Rick Perry doing anything else.  Once you've led the best state of the union, everything else seems substandard. Of course that's the thing about politics: there are many chances for a shrewd politician to rise again and be the toast of the town once more.

Speaking of bright futures, former Navy seal Marcus Luttrell spoke from the heart  after being introduced by Perry. The Houston native, who has a Navy Seal for a twin brother,  was portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the 2013 movie, Lone Survivor.