On the heels of an embarrassing incident at Texas A&M involving assistant coaches and Neanderthal views towards women, former rival Mack Brown took the occasion of an interview to basically let everyone know such a thing would never happen on his watch.

The Texas A&M incident involved a gathering of hundreds of Aggie female boosters last Wednesday. Two of the coaches involved  have been suspended for their presentation, purportedly humorous in nature, which was viewed by many as sexist  and reflective of outdated attitudes towards women of a condescending nature. (It's like that attitude when coaches go into a locker room and call their players ladies, times a million.)

The former Longhorns coach did not hold back when asked about his impression of the event and its consequences.

"I've never lost a women's clinic," Brown said emphatically. "We had 30 years of them, and there's supposed to be a positive upbeat — more like a pep rally to talk football and get ready for the season...Coaches across the country, and men, are trying to teach young players to be appropriate with their behavior towards women. This is an awful message."

As for the offending presentation itself, which I will not print here, you can read about it in this article.  It's amazing to consider a coach mentioned in that article who was fired by the Miami Dolphins for his role in the Jonathan Martin (homosexual) incident would be given a position of prominence over young minds at A&M, not to mention responsibility for coordinating a women's event.  What were they thinking?

Brown also stressed stringent punishment.

"These guys got suspended, but to me, they need counseling, They need to get some help to make sure they do a better job in their personal lives, so the players will learn better from them how to treat ladies."