Donald Trump will make a return to Texas later this month in an attempt to raise more money for his presidential campaign. Given its favorability to make the rain fall for conservative candidates, it's no surprise Texas finds itself the site of another Republican fundraiser.

The Trump event is scheduled for August 23 in Austin. Mica Mosbacher, former finance chair of the Republican National Committee, has been tapped by Trump to lead his fundraising efforts in the Lone Star State, according to the Texas Tribune.

If that name sounds familiar, it's because Mica is the widow and fourth wife of the late Robert Mosbacher, Sr. who was Secretary of Commerce under the elder Bush and CEO of Mosbacher Energy.  Mica is not to be confused with Robert's second wife, Georgette, who is also a prominent GOP fundraiser (famously disparaged by James Carville in the movie, The War Room:

"Georgette Mosbacher, You know what she said? She can't wait till this election's over so she can get her Maserati and her jewels back. That's the mind-set you're fightin' against...George Bush and Roger Ailes and Georgette Mosbacher... and the whole sleazy little cabal of 'em."  It's easily the greatest political documentary ever made, but I digress.)

I'm sure the name Mosbacher will bring Trump the green he needs in Texas. I just hope you're not in traffic anywhere near the event, wherever in Austin it will be held.

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