It turns out there are 7 cities in the United States with the name of Temple. Temple, Texas is the biggest and most successful. And one is an official Ghost Town.

  • Temple Texas

    The Best in America

    As of 2016 Temple had a population of 72,277, according to a US census estimate. It's 65 miles North of Austin on Interstate 35.

    - Temple is home to two Hall of Fame football players, including Sammy Baugh and Mean Joe Green.

    - Two Astronauts, Bernard A. Harris Jr. and Parker Clary.

    - Singer/Songewriter Eric Paisley. Also, Blind Willie Johnson.

    - Plus business mogul Drayton McLane Jr and actor Rip Torn.

  • Temple Georgia

    A Distant 2nd

    Temple, GA has a population of 4,228 as of the 2010 census.

    The median income was $36,063. The most notable fact about the town...It's located in two counties, Carroll and Haralson.

  • Temple Pennsylvania

    Suburb of Reading

    Temple, Pa, from Google Maps, looks huge, but it turns out it's a suburb of Reading, Pa. It's a nice small town in the middle of a bigger town. Yankees... Don't even try to figure them out.

    Via Google Maps
    Via Google Maps
  • Temple New Hampshire

    Quaint, yet no Vampires

    As of 2010, Temple had a population of 1,366. It was the home of Temple Glassworks in 1780. If you find any example of Temple Glass, make a phone call because they are a rare collectible.

  • Temple Oklahoma

    Tornado Landing Strip

    This is my kind of town. Small yet adorable. This could easily be the entry for "Small Town" in the dictionary. If I could make a living working and living in a town like this, I'd be there tomorrow. By the time this town got "too big" I'd be dead.

    Via Google Maps
    Via Google Maps
  • Temple Maine

    Named after Temple N.H.

    Yes, it was named after Temple, New Hampshire. I'm shocked that this town hasn't shown up in a Stephen King novel.

    Population 528. Couldn't say how many are Vampires.

    Via Google Maps
    Via Google Maps
  • Temple North Dakota

    Ghost Town

    Yep, officially a ghost town. The only remaining structures are a public school, Lutheran church, a garage, and several houses, which no one is living in. The post office closed in 1965.

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