Saturday is setting up to be a beautiful day in Central Texas, and if you're looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, well, this could be perfect.

That's right - June 4th is free fishing day across Texas.

Free Fishing Day 2022

It happens every year on the first Saturday in June and here we are. That first Saturday of June is straight ahead. Time to get out the rod 'n' reel and pick a lake or stream, then  polish up the ol' "one that got away" story cause it's time to get your fish on... so to speak.

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Fishing is good for the mind, body and soul. Even if you don't catch anything but a buzz or a sunburn, which is what I usually come home with, just getting out of the house or office and spending some time in nature with the kids or your buddies and getting some fresh air is great for your mental health and almost the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Many a song has been written about it for a reason.

Try Something New

Never been fishing? Well this Saturday is the perfect time to try something new and you can try it for free - no license required - and see how you like it. Who knows? You may love it, then find yourself buying boat and hitting the lakes every Saturday for years to come. Many people do, just sayin'.

Texas Parks & Wildlife

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), you can enjoy a free day of fishing all day Saturday on any public body of water in the state. Emphasis on the word public here, because fishing on private property without the permission of the owner is always illegal. (Note: you can fish without a license any time of the year at one of our state parks.)

If you find you like or even love, fishing, you should then buy a license and help fund the many conservation efforts Texas Parks & Wildlife provides.

TPWD Innland Fisheries Director Craig Bonds had this to say about the event:

Free Fishing Day is a wonderful opportunity for anglers to share their knowledge, skills, equipment, and love for fishing with a new participant, yet it’s also more than that, we hope those trying fishing on this special day will also learn that purchasing a license is an act of conservation. A fishing license purchase is one of the simplest and most effective way people can support fisheries science and management.

Looking for a lake to fish in? Click HERE. How about a river? Click HERE. We have two beautiful lakes (Belton and Stillhouse) right here in our backyard, so you don't have to go far to fish.

Fish on, my friends.

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