Despite how awful 2020 has been, there's still plenty to be thankful for. If you're reading this and you've got your health, that's a big one. We've all had opportunities to be closer to our families and to remember how special the people in our lives are to us.

Hey, you've got to look for those silver linings.

This is the month when we give thanks for the things we might take for granted, including the food on our tables.

If you'd like to celebrate early with Temple Parks & Rec, they'll be hosting a free Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Wilson Park Recreation Center on Friday, November 20 from 5-7 PM. You'll need to get registered first, and the deadline is November 15.

If you'd like to get signed up, call (254) 298-5740. Be sure to take your mask, because COVID-19 safety measures will be in place.

Every registered family who arrives will receive a free Thanksgiving meal, dessert, and a craft.


Don't forget: Temple and Killeen will both have Christmas parades this year, but they're doing things very differently this year. Both parades will be "frozen" events, meaning the floats and light displays won't be moving - you will.

Temple's 74th Annual Christmas Parade is scheduled for Monday, December 7 beginning at 6:30 PM.

Floats and displays will line the side of the road from MLK Drive and East Avenue A all the way to South 9th Street. Viewers will drive through the parade route so they can enjoy the lights, displays, music, and costumes from the safety of their cars.


Killeen's 58th Annual Christmas Parade will happen Saturday, December 12. Floats and displays will line Downtown Killeen, and you'll be able to drive by and enjoy them.

Santa will, of course, make an appearance at both. Be sure to wave!

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