The Army on Tuesday announced big changes to the leadership at Fort Hood as both an independent review of the base's culture and an investigation into the chain of command actions related to the murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen are set to begin.

Maj. Gen. John B. Richardson IV will formally assume duties as deputy commanding general for operations of III Corps and acting senior commander of Fort Hood on Wednesday, September 2 at the direction of commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, Gen. Michael X. Garrett.

Maj. Gen. Richardson served as FORSCOM’s director of operations from 2019 to 2020, and was selected in March of this year to serve as the next DCG for III Corps by the Department of the Army.

Major General Scott Efflandt - U.S. Army Photo
Major General Scott Efflandt - U.S. Army Photo

According to an announcement from Army officials, Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt will remain at Fort Hood to serve as the deputy commanding general for support, working with new leadership to reintegrate members of III Corps as they return from their mission supporting Operation Inherent Resolve.

Maj. Gen. Efflandt had been designated to transfer to Fort Bliss in El Paso to lead the 1st Armored Division. Since he will be remaining at Fort Hood, the Army is expected to name a new commander for the division soon.

Army officials say Commanding General Garrett will appoint Gen. John Murray, commanding general of Army Futures Command, to lead an in-depth investigation into Fort Hood's handling of the death of Spc. Guillen.

"There are currently several investigations underway at Fort Hood which are tasked with reviewing a wide range of topics and concerns," the Army stated Tuesday. "Gen. Murray will roll those efforts into a more complete and comprehensive investigation that will delve into all activities and levels of leadership. Murray’s investigation, which will be conducted under the provisions of Army Regulation 15-6, is separate from the Independent Review of Fort Hood, which began in August."

This week, a five-member civilian team arrived at Fort Hood to conduct a two-week review of the culture on and around base.

"The [Fort Hood Independent Review Committee] assessment will include a review of historical data and statistics; interviews with a wide range of Fort Hood personnel; an evaluation of policies, regulations and procedures regarding sexual assault prevention, sexual harassment, equal opportunity and responses to reports of missing Soldiers; an evaluation of leaders’ training, education, abilities and effectiveness; and the command climate at various units and its impact on the safety, welfare and readiness of their Soldiers," a Ft. Hood media release reads.

Their interim report is expected to be filed in mid-September, with a final report due October 30. Our partners at News 10 have a detailed list of those reviewers and their backgrounds.

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