You can see just how messed up the country is with a simple Google search. For example...Which state is Googling "How to join the Illuminati?" Really?

That is one of the more normal questions (insert fear for our nation here) In New York, the big "How To" concern is "How to explain mansplaining". Well whatever you do, don't do it at the dinner table.

Hawaii might be trying build it's own secret army. They're most popular "How To" question is "How to be a Ninja". I would think the first step in being a secret assassin is to not ask the Internet.

Texas has a simple request for the "How To". We want to know "How To Sell Your Soul". Austin is crazy. Some of the other Texas "How To" searches include "How to Spell 40", "How to Spell 90", "How to Become a Jedi", which is good because at some point in the future we'll have to fight Hawaiian Ninjas. We tied with Florida on a search, and that was "How to be Gay". It was followed by "How to be on Top" and "How to play Clarinet". I'm sure there is some kind weird connection to those three.

As for the Illuminati, that gem comes from Arizona. Must be the desert heat getting to them because everyone knows that there is no such thing as the Illuminati. Feel free to ignore the link to the Illuminati home page, and this super secret TV commercial.

Some of my favorites, which are priceless, include "How to find Kansas" which is fine, except that search is the most popular in Kansas. Really Kansas? Really? Indiana would like to know "How to Google something". Yes, their most popular Google question is how to Google something.

One of the most popular in Florida, besides asking how to be gay, is "How to Get Out of Florida".

Is it a surprise that one of the most popular searches in Colorado is "How to Grow Marijuana"? Probably not.

I'd stay out of Delaware if I were you since their search was "How to get away with murder?"

Estately used Google Autocomplete to find the country's most popular "How To" questions. Feel free to check out all weird crap we're looking to do.

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