According to sources, an estimated 1 billion packages are shipped and delivered to homes all around the United States.

This is great news for thieves, also known as 'porch bandits' or 'package thieves'. While you're at work, someone could be grabbing the package delivered to your doorstep without you even knowing it. Police all over the country have asked that people be vigilant over the safety of their packages.

Now I just ordered two things off Amazon yesterday, but I feel pretty safe about it. In a previous article, we recommended using Amazon Lockers - a safe way for your Amazon purchases to be shipped. There are 4 new locker locations in Bell County - 2 in Temple and 2 in Killeen.

But if you want to take the humor route, you can do what this man in Central Las Vegas did. 38-year Army veteran Eric Snow saw that his neighborhood had been targeted by thieves, so he decided to bait the criminals.

In Snow's surveillance camera, you see two men driving around the neighborhood. A man jumps out and grabs the package. Little do they know, it contains a 'special gift' for the thieves - a gift created by Snow's 95-pound German Sheppard.

A poop package!

If you don't want to go that route, there are a few other ways to prevent package theft:

  • Amazon lockers
  • deliver packages to your workplace
  • USPS can hold your package at the post office
  • you can Fed Ex to your closes Fed Ex Office
  • let drivers know where to leave packages (ie; behind the garage)

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