With the Texas State Fair underway, it's the time of year when all things funnel cake are top of mind. A couple of years ago Funnel Cake Ale was a big hit at the state fair, and it's now on it's way to a store near you!

Funnel cake + Beer = a taste I never imagined.
Funnel cake + Beer = a taste I never imagined.

That's right! Funnel Cake Ale, from Community Beer Company, is going to be distributed throughout the state of Texas. So if you can't make it to the state fair between now and October 23rd, chances are you'll find Funnel Cake Ale at a store or select bar near you.

This vanilla flavored beer will cost about $5 a pint, and $8 to $9 a six-pack. Don't forget to pick up some powdered sugar for the rim of the glass you pour it into.


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