A family in Georgetown is being sued by their neighbors over a playscape that was built for their terminally ill son.

According to WHTR, Kim and Jason Costa built a playscape for their young child who has an illness known as Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I (MPS1.) In short, the disease causes damaging enlargement of organs and tissues.

The Costa family says that they had their HOA approve the playscape before it was installed. The playscape is located on the family's 1-acre lot, but the neighbors responsible for the lawsuit say that it's an eyesore and is bringing down their property value.

The Costa's neighbors initially brought their complaints to the HOA. After failing to get any response, they moved forward with their suit directly against the Costa family.

The neighbors have also alleged that the playscape was not approved by the HOA's Architecture Design Review Committee (ADRC.) The neighbors are suing the Costa family for $100,000 in damages and are asking that the playscape be removed or modified to meet ADRC standards.

Do you think that the neighbors have cause to be concerned over the playscape? Do you have any horror stories from living in a HOA subdivision? Let us know in the comments.

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