According to a media release from Texas Parks and Wildlife, years of severe drought followed by major flooding led to the formation of a log jam at the Texas 236 Highway bridge crossing the Leon River.

Debris from river banks and from upstream contributed to the jam, which flooded three major day-use sites, 20 tent campsites, and several park facilities.

Mother Neff Superintendent Melissa Chadwick said in the press release that over 1000 feet of woody debris in the Leon river needed to be removed. Another half mile of debris was later discovered and also needed to be cleared.

Organizations who assisted in this removal included the Natural Resource Conservation Service, Coryell County officials, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Texas Forest Service, Moir Watershed Services and community volunteers according to the press release.

Plans are in the works for repairs and renovations to the flood-damaged areas, as well as a new 236 bridge.

Texas Parks and Wildlife via youtube - Mother Neff State Park