Life is good here in Texas, but there are a few things that irk us from time to time. We've compiled a list of things that can sometimes grind our gears. Take a peek and see if you agree.

Lots to Be Proud Of

Wide open plains, amazing sunsets, and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet are just a few of the reasons that Texas is amazing. Texans keep it real, and while others may joke about Texas pride, we know the grass really is greener on this side.

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Pobody's Nerfect

However, we're not too proud to admit that there are areas that could use improvement and some extra TLC. It wasn't easy, but somehow we compiled a list of things in Texas that we could use less of.

NO THANKS! Texans Don't Need More of These 12 Things

There's not much not to love about Texas, but here are a few things that we probably could use less of.

21 Texas Town Names Outsiders Can't Pronounce

Have you ever heard someone call Killeen "Kye-lean" or Salado "Salad-oh"? That's just the tip of the Texas mispronunciation iceberg. Here are the towns and cities most folks who didn't grow up in Texas don't have a clue how to pronounce.

10 Myths About Texas That Even Some Natives Believe

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the tall tales! Our state can seem pretty strange to people from far away, or even our immediate neighbors. There are several myths about Texas that range from quirky to fun and just plain ignorant and insulting, and even some people born and raised her believe 'em. Here are a few we can dispel today.


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