If you're confused whether you're a good American or a bleeding heart liberal, here's a test.

Someone posted a picture above a Walmart gun display reading "Own The School Year Like a Hero".

Now, if you see this picture and you laugh, you're a conservative. If you look for the price on the guns, you're a Texas Conservative.

If you gasp in horror, then odds are your heart is bleeding and you need to calm down. If you honestly think that a worldwide chain would promote a gun sale to children going back to school, well...


Due to PC pressure, Walmart has opened an investigation. They think the picture was either Photoshopped or staged by an employee or prankster who moved the sign. (The latter seems more likely.)

When it comes to which store the picture was taken in, Walmart reps are being tight-lipped. My guess is that's because the non-violent liberals would try to burn the store down. I might be wrong on that. Wink Wink.

The original tweet has been made private, but it's already gone viral. I think everyone needs to keep their focus on the jet stream. We'll need to know where the radiation will be blowing.

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