Ahh, Spring at the Silos - that beautiful time when tourists rush the city of Waco.

That was definitely sarcasm, my friends. Spring at the Silos and Silo-bration are my least favorite times of the year as a Waco resident. The traffic alone is what nightmares are made of. More to come later.

According to a Magnolia safety update, Spring at the Silos is scheduled to continue this year, despite growing concerns of COVID-19 aka Corona-virus.

If there ever was a time to cancel, now would be it. Even SXSW in Austin was cancelled for the first time in 34 years due to COVID-19 fears. Ciara was also scheduled to perform in her hometown Fort Hood, but decided to postpone the show due to Corona-virus concerns.

Spring at the Silos is also scheduled for March 12-14, which happens to be the same time that a lot of Central Texas students are on spring break.


I live a mile away from the Magnolia Silos and I also commute to work, so honestly I'm dreading this weekend.

But really, if other cities in Central Texas are canceling or re-scheduling events, Magnolia can too. Plus it would make my life and other local's lives a lot simpler!

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