Everyone in Texas knows of the beautiful bluebonnet fields and the huge pecan trees all over our great state. A Reddit user put together an impressive collage of photos showing more of the vast diversity of scenery contained within our state lines.

For example, the Monahans Sand Hills State Park which is pictured in the gallery below out of Monahans, TX. This picture of sand hills looks like something out of the Sahara Desert. I definitely feel like you would walk around envisioning mirages and seeing sidewinders winding along your feet.

Another gem pictured is the Blue Hole located in Jasper, Texas. The Blue Hole is this crystal clear oasis of water that is surrounded by a plentiful amount of trees and rocky structures. Looks like something the kids would call their "secret spot."

Another view to die for is the Santa Elena Canyon Trail. This breathtaking canyon structure has a calm body of water that runs through the middle of it, and definitely looks like the ultimate couple getaway.

Gems such as these are why Texans are so prideful of their Lone Star State, and definitely makes the mind wonder what other hidden gems could be out and about the great State of Texas.

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