I'm a pretty cynical person, but even I have to nod in approval when someone displays real class and sportsmanship.

Bring Me The News recently shared the story of two childhood friends in Minnesota whose baseball teams went head-to-head in a big playoff game on June 6.

Tye Koehn, pitching for Mounds View, was throwing against close friend Jack Kocon of Tontino-Grace. The two have known each other since they were 13, and kept in touch after being sent to different schools.

Koehn threw a game-winning pitch against Kocon, and instead of jumping in to celebrate with his team, he immediately ran to home plate to hug his friend.

"I knew I had to say something," Koehn told Bring Me The News. "Our friendship is more important than just the silly outcome of a game. I had to make sure he knew that before we celebrated."

It was a show of class and honor that proves neither are dead.