A 17-year old employee of Going's Barbecue & Steak Co. in Crosby, Texas has been fired after reportedly blasting a famous anti-police hip-hop song while officers were dining in the restaurant.

Deputy Shane Cates wrote about the incident on Facebook Monday.

His post has since been removed, but according to KTRK-TV in Houston, Cates wrote that he and other law enforcement officials were eating when they noticed other patrons staring at them. They soon realized that someone was playing N.W.A.'s "F--k tha Police" - a 1988 hip-hop song about tensions between black urban youth and police.

According to Deputy Cates, the song was being played on repeat by a teen employee, who turned and laughed when he saw that Cates was upset. When Cates was told a manager wasn't unavailable to speak with him, he left.

Cates returned to Going's on Monday, when he says a manager laughed about the incident when Cates confronted him.

Co-owner Rigo Berto Ruiz has confirmed that the incident took place, and said the employee responsible for the music has been fired.

In a Tuesday morning Facebook post, the owners of Going's apologized for the incident and said it doesn't reflect the company's position on law enforcement.

"As a family business we pride ourselves in reflecting the values our community," the post reads. "Because of your support over the last twenty years we have distinguished ourselves by providing the most hospitable service possible, especially for our law enforcement community."

The owners of Going's say they plan to hold an event offering officers free meals.

"We're moving forward as well as we always have been working in conjunction with the police officer community," Ruiz told KTRK. "We make sure they feel like just every other customer, as well as giving them some discounts because they protect and serve our community. Always have and always will."

As for the manager who seemed to laugh off the incident, Ruiz blamed a "language barrier" and says that manager didn't realize the severity of the situation.

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