In March of 2020, the Houston Texans traded All-Pro wide receiver Deandre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals and didn't consult with their star franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

He was Watson's favorite target.

Although Watson was devastated over the decision, he got over the fact that his star wide receiver was traded to another team and came in ready to play the 2020 NFL season.

Midseason, their head coach/GM Bill O Brien was fired after an 0-4 start and the team finished with an embarrassing record of 4-12.

Last month, the Texans hired their new GM, Nick Caserio, and again didn't consult with their star Quarterback Deshaun Watson for input. And just yesterday, they hired a new head coach, David Culley, again not getting any input from their franchise quarterback.

Since the hirings, there have been different reports speculating Watson wanted to get traded, no matter who the coach would be, and today it became official.

ESPN's Adam Schefter, a trusted source for NFL news, reports that Deshaun Watson has indeed requested a trade.


According to ESPN, Watson just signed a 4 year, $156million extension to his contract where a no-trade clause included.

Basically, the Texans can't trade him to a team unless they get his opinion.

If Watson decides not to play, he can get fined heavily, so look for a move to be made soon.

You don't want to have an unhappy player on your team, and with a player of Watson's caliber, you can trade for assets that will make the Texans better.

Lucky for them, there are tons of quarterbacks on the market this offseason.

Stay tuned!

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