While Sunday night's temperature drop was nice, it brought with it wet weather that's caused heavy flooding across our state.

Video and photos of the flooding have popped up across social media. Personally, they bring back memories of when I was growing up in Troy. Our home was about 30 yards from a creek that would flood just about every time we got a little rain, and during times like these the water would actually lap against our back door.

Many of us woke up Tuesday to notifications on our phone warning of road closures due to flooding, including the I-35 frontage road in Belton next to Confederate Park.

Belton Police Dept. via KWTX
Belton Police Dept. via KWTX

Note: PLEASE don't try to drive through any flooded areas. Even if you see other vehicles make it or it looks like there's only an inch or two of water covering the roadway, it's just not worth risking your life or that of your family. It really doesn't take much to either sweep your vehicle away or cause it to stall, which could strand your vehicle and endanger you even more.

A couple of years ago, I captured footage of a group of kayakers recklessly paddling through flood waters at Nolan Creek in Belton. I worried at the time that I might have filmed one of the drowning. Thankfully, he was ok.

Now I've found similar footage recorded by a woman in Johnson City.

Footage from KEYE-TV showed waters raging over the Max Starcke Dam near Marble Falls.

This footage shows the moment the the FM 2900 bridge over the Llano River collapsed.

Texas Parks & Wildflife has also shared some frightening shots of flooding across Texas.

Sadly, KVUE-TV reports that a body was found in the Colorado River in Burnet County.

Again, PLEASE be careful on your drive home. Watch for water covering roadways and DO NOT try to drive through. Find a safe way around for yourself and the people who care about you.

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