Coast Guard Begins Emergency Urban Rescue in Houston
Please everyone be careful there is rushing water over the roadways. This is video taken by U of H downtown #HurricaneHarvey pic.twitter.com/LiGQvk0W7Z — HPOU (@HPOUTX) August 27, 2017 KHOU is reporting that as the sun rises over the flooded city of Houston, helicopters and flood punt teams are beginning the task of rescuing stranded residents.
Soldier Pronounced Dead
Specialist Darius Cooper's body has not been recovered, but an Army board of inquiry has declared his date of death April 11, 2017 after a months-long search.
Diver Identified
Volunteer diver Lori Pohanka-Kalama was helping in the search for a driver swept away by flood waters when she was somehow injured in House Creek Sunday.

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