Biden what?!

Yes, it's true. The Biden administration has essentially provided materials to aide in the effort of the Lone Star State to get its borders under control.

I'm sure you’re wondering why and how all this happened, and when it really comes down to it, the reason that Texas is getting these supplies is because the administration just doesn’t care.

President Biden Speaks On Administration's Plan To Combat Delta Variant
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I thought they stopped building the wall?!

They did stop any further construction on the wall from a federal perspective, but recently the Texas government decided to proceed with the construction of a border at the state level. This is due in part to the massive influx of illegal immigration that Texas border towns have been dealing with.

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U.S. Border Patrol Takes Immigrants Into Custody At Arizona-Mexico Border
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New/used supply

The Biden team isn’t really in any kind of huge “support” deal for materials, but instead really just want to get rid of it. Since the building of the border wall stopped, the federal government doesn’t really have a use for the material. So without getting too deep in the weeds, they basically said, “Here Texas, you can have it!”

Border Wall And Migration In Focus As Negotiations Over Border Security Continue
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How much are they donating?

As of now there are a surplus of approximately 1700 wall panels, being guarded by the Texas National Guard, stored in Maverick County. That comes out to a little over a mile of panels that will be used in the effort to refortify the southern border in the state of Texas

U.S. Customs And Border Patrol Agents Patrol Border In El Paso, TX
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What's next?

The state of Texas set aside approximately one billion dollars for the sole purpose of fortifying the southern border. Abbott seems content on continuing this project and with the donations from the Biden administration, it should cut some cost and maybe some tax payer dollars for Texans.

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