Islamic State militants have refurbished what was once Iraq's top-rated hotel, and though there are still some luxurious features, the rules are strict and anyone disobeying them faces punishment ranging from flogging to beheading.

In its latest propaganda stunt, ISIS has given the 262-room Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul new life, polishing the marble floors, sprucing up the manicured lawns, filling the pool, and cleaning up the tennis court. However, anyone looking to raid the mini-bar will be sorely disappointed. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, and dancing? Forget about it. The bars, ballrooms, and casinos have all been boarded up. And just to make sure no one accuses them of not going the extra mile to ensure the comfort of their jihadi guests, they've even destroyed the offense stone carvings on the building's facade.

ISIS Workers Destroy Stonework Outside the Ninawa International Hotel - ISIS Photo
ISIS Photo

Of course, there are strict rules by which all guests must abide, so ISIS' infamous all-female Al-Khansaa Brigade patrols the grounds to ensure that women are dressed head-to-toe in black and that everyone's abiding by the group's strict interpretation of Sharia law. Violators face mutilation, crucifixion, or beheading depending on the severity of their infraction.

Balloons Outside the Ninawa International Hotel - ISIS Photo
But at least they have balloons for the kids! - ISIS Photo

For now, only top ISIS commanders and dignitaries are booking rooms, but brides and their militant fiancés are welcome too. If these 2-year-old reviews from are any indication, they're in for a wonderful stay.

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