Welcome to your weekly update on the Dallas Cowboys and their newest episode of Hard Knocks.

Last week we got a look at America's team, and it started with an update on Dak. We talked about Zeke not being all in, and got a look at Dinucci’s stand for the back up QB spot.

Now we'll go over what went down on this week’s episode of Hard Knocks with the Dallas Cowboys.

Strange Flex…

So, I’m not sure what to make of the first ten minutes of this episode. It took the viewer on a kind of cool cinematic fly through of the Ford Center in Frisco, Texas.

It seemed to be more of a brag than a tour. It was followed by a strange highlight of Jerry Jones and his success. Just seemed like a lot of self-pats on the back and a strange way to start the episode.


Dallas Cowboys v Cincinnati Bengals
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Zeke the Freak

Last week I wrote about how Elliott didn’t seem to have his head in the game. It just looked like he was playing too much and not taking it seriously. Well, he must have read my article because he sure put the effort in this week. Zeke put in some serious work in this episode and showed why he’s the guy in Dallas.

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Cooper Returns

Amari Cooper has been sidelined for a little while and fans have been waiting to see the wideout get back on the field.

He made his return this week and looked solid during practice. If he can return to the form he was in prior to dealing with injury, then he and CeeDee Lamb could be a real problem for opposing defenses.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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The Fall of Dinucci

On last week’s episode, we saw Dinucci state his case for the backup job by putting together a solid performance against the Cardinals. That became pretty much irrelevant after this week’s matchup against the Texans. He gave the ball away 3 time against Houston and really added some uncertainty to the Dallas QB room.

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy
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The Cowboys lost a tough one against Houston and need to try and stop the turnovers. Mike McCarthy summed it up well in his post-game presser when he said,

“We’ve got one more week…we're going to need it.”

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