Recently, news of cashews being recalled in the state of Texas made headlines. While some believed the situation to be taken care of, another brand of cashews is in the news, this time as it contains a very harmful disease.

New Cashew Recall In The State Of Texas

As reported by The US Food and Drug Administration, Trader Joe's Less Sodium Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews are being taken off store shelves. The reason for the rescinding of the product is that they could contain Salmonella. The FDA reports that the issue was noticed while the products underwent FDA testing.

The products are labeled like this, as provided by the FDA:

Trader Joes Nuts – 50% Less Sodium Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews – (SKU Number – 37884)

Lot Numbers:
- T12139
- T12140
- T12141
- T12142

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Salmonella And Its Effects On The Human Body


The FDA reports that Salmonella is very harmful to young individuals, elderly individuals, and people with diminished immune systems. Symptoms include:

- abdominal pain
- diarrhea (potentially bloody)
- fever
- nausea
- vomiting

In addition, certain cases of Salmonella could cause further diseases like arthritis, endocarditis, and arterial infections, if it makes its way to a person's bloodstream.

The FDA encourages those who have bought the infected cashews to not eat them. They encourage purchasers to simply return the product to store where they bought it, or to dispose of them as soon as possible.

At the time of writing, the FDA states no deaths have been announced due to the product. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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